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KenCreative is an integrated marketing and design studio located in Emeryville on San Francisco Bay. We specialize in positioning and naming studies, branding, packaging, logo, web and brochure design. Our extensive portfolio spans many categories including garden and pet, food and beverage, health and beauty, non-profit, and entertainment. We are design experts who enjoy partnering with our Clients to produce excellent work.

Featured Project

Morning Star Tomato Kitchens brochure

Morning Star Tomato Kitchens Brochure

The Morning Star Company, the world's leading tomato ingredient processor, is expanding their market to small business and artisanal producers by introducing Morning Star Tomato Kitchens (MSTK), a division which offers premium processed tomato products and hands-on, personal service and advice.

KenCreative developed the look and feel for MSTK, and designed an eight-paged brochure and website which explains the unique MSTK process. The brochure and website feature high-quality photography that highlights MSTK's tomato products, expertise and service.

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